A Holiday Party.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are the office holiday parties.  Whether you like where you work or not, it's a time when everyone is in a great mood, drinking, and feeling festive. Also a great excuse to look extra pulled together that day at work.

It's been officially 4 months of working for myself FULL-TIME, which has always been a dream of mine, and every day with it's ups and downs, it becomes more of a successful reality.

Because of this, I decided to celebrate this time in the most festive way I know how, and give AL Stampa its very first staff Holiday Party.  This staff is made up of the positive, handsome, extremely intelligent husband of the household, and the not extremely positive all the time but really happy to have someone to sleep next to all day, kitty of the household.  

We three have been going through a lot of life changes in the past 6 + months, and we thought it was time to put all daily human worry nonsense aside and drink well, eat lots, and dance the year off in a celebratory manner.  It goes without saying that celebrating the mini victories while you can is what life's all about.  

So I made a scavenger hunt for us... and I must say hearing your partner sing christmas carols as loud as he can while biking on our way to dinner, just so he could check off the box before you, is exactly what I needed this holiday season.  Also jingling a bell after every drink consumed didn't hurt the spirit either ;).  

know one day there will be a small staff, a cozy studio & storefront, clients, a fire, a bowl of egg nog, the supportive husband & tired kitty, snow outside, and stories of the year past and the adventures ahead.  For now we will lay the groundwork and celebrate what we've built thus far.

Merry Christmas!

Alex Labriola