A year in review...

It's been a year! Can't believe it.  A year full of a new home, a new city, new travels, new confidence, and a growing business!

Thanks to the friends, clients and client-friends that believed in me, and wanted to work with me to make some beautiful things I am very proud of.

Thanks to the friends and family that came over holidays, on their vacation time, taking a break from their lives to bring a little bit of home to us in our first year.  And thanks to those planning new trips and those who get up early to Skype with us.

And to the new friends and family here ... what an amazing group of people we have spent this year with.

I've learned a lot about life and love and health (both mind and body) and relationships and business ownership this year.  I've learned that life is able to shift and turn upside down in order to feel right side up.  It takes a lot of work and trust and love and openness. 

I've learned that there is no escaping life's hurdles, but that taking a breath away can give some clarity and openness to how you deal with certain things.

I hope to continue to produce exciting work like I have this past year, and years before.  I look forward to meeting more people through doing what I love.  I hope for just as much adventure and happiness as we have found in Icelandic mountain-scapes, Scandinavian butcher shops, and Italian hammock swings.

Signing off now because I have a ton of work (how wonderful to say that!).