Al Stampa Branding

As someone who prides herself on branding and getting to the heart of a company, event, or individual's story, I have always had a bit of a hard time doing the same for myself.  I never want to pick one style, or one voice that is too polarizing because I want my clients to see that I'm capable of being diverse.  

While thinking more about how my business cards should look, I thought about how I attack a wedding or event invitation.  This is usually the first moment someone will hold something and get a sense of what the event or company is like.  It has to tell a little story, or at least have a bit of intrigue to it.

Growing up, my family and friends always saw me as someone obsessed with the old way of doing things.  Old black and white movies, old photographs, old cameras, old everything. The history of where things started - whether it be how movies were shot, or something strange like how doors used to lock in old Italy - I wanted to keep the nitty grittiness of that alive and surround myself with it for some reason.

I thought about all the imagery that has inspired me through time - old New York, old artists like Toulouse Lautrec, vintage Parisians dancing in the streets... and thought of how I could incorporate that into my branding because that is inevitable my story.  I am inspired by those things and that is what has drawn me to create imagery, create branding, to use my hands to draw, to letterpress, to engage with people.  

I thought about using those images and abstracting them a bit. So I had the images digitally printed, large scale on lettra paper, letterpress printed my info on the white side, and then cut them down into the business cards ... then using those abstracted black and white pieces of imagery, I hot foil stamped my logo over them to modernize it a bit.  

It doesn't matter to me that people will not know what the images are of, they are pieces of my mind, and where my passions came from. They are now beautiful black and white shapes - some very modern, some very classical, some pixelated, some recognizable.  

As I take in more and more inspiration from the world I yield more thoughtful design and that was ultimately the thought behind my cards.. I hope you enjoy them!

EntrepreneurAlex Labriola