Amsterdam Life

So ... We packed up our life, and we finally planted all feet and paws over in Amsterdam.  Kitty Lou made it over okay as well - little rough with the flight!

There are a lot of reasons I'm happy to be here.  The European living adventure I've always wanted since I stepped foot over here when I was 15 ... the time to myself to get my business moving ... investing in some alone time with our little family ... making some interesting worldly friends ... having our family & friends from home experience this life through us ... leaving a job situation that just didn't feel right ... but most importantly, putting myself to the test.  
As I walked around one of my new favorite neighborhoods in this city, Jordaan, I came across a window that had a white decal that stated : 

and at the end of the day

your feet should be dirty,

your hair messy

and your eyes sparkling.

It's easy to work hard, it's fun to dream of what my life should look like, and feel like.  It's hard and rewarding to actually do it - and to potentially fail at it, but to never stop.

I am prepared to jump into the scene we set - it's all here and maybe always has been, but for the first time I feel ready to take advantage of every moment in front of me.

More to come...


Alex Labriola