AndNorth, Zio & Sons & a Summer Event!

It was an honor and a lot of fun working with And North on an event this summer. Sadly I was unable to attend because two of my best friend's got married up in Maine, but being a part of the preparation and getting to collaborate with people I admire greatly, was exciting!

A revival of the old way of doing things - very much up my alley - And North and Zio & Sons hosted "a night at the drive-in" at Greenville Drive-In, newly opened upstate off Route 32. It was a night full of local food, cocktails and live music, with the Catskills Mountains as a backdrop, and Back to the Future on the big screen.

I was tasked with coming up with a fun way to illustrate this night - and opted for some "vintage-like" gifs for their instagram reminders/invites, as well as a banner of friends hanging out at a drive-in.  

And North and Zio & Sons have created such a phenomenal community of people, artists, thinkers, creators, and doers.  They are, to me, a great representation of how being open and wanting other's success as well as your own, is a recipe for a very healthy group of collaborators! Like I said, it was amazing to work with them, and be a part of such a booming community! 

Checkout the work here, and also below!

PressAlex Labriola