Brand Revamp

So here we are with our brand refresh!

We felt we needed a new site, a new palette, new fonts and new imagery. Over the past few years we have worked really hard to pinpoint what Al Stampa is and why people should want to work with us. While this was extremely overwhelming to me about a year ago - I was non-committal and terrified of putting myself in a box that I would later regret - now it seems like a seamless task.

Al Stampa is a multi-disciplined creative studio that tells stories visually.

We work with various types of companies, from start-ups to 180 year old businesses, bloggers, retail shops, product designers, chefs, authors, and the list goes on. We work with people in various industries … interiors, weddings, hotels, restaurants, retail, fashion etc.

The thing that pulls it all together for everyone that we work with is that we tell these various types of stories in unique ways. It could be a letterpress printed invitation for a wedding with all tactile components for that evening, or a website and logo identity package. It could be an illustration for a shop’s instagram, or a pattern for a children’s clothing line.

While we specialize in branding businesses, what makes us most unique is that we are able to touch on not only the digital components, but the in-hand, the over arching direction and even the illustrated. We keep a small client list per season, so that each client has our full attention and we are not just pumping out logos for new brands one after the other.

We loved working with Marieke Verdenius on our new imagery for the site and other marketing pieces. Her aesthetic aligns with ours so well, and we wanted our work to feel more like a lifestyle … photos that make you feel a certain way and invite you in.

Let us know how you are enjoying our new look, and add yourself to our mailing list for future news and projects!