Little Spoon Big City

Working with your friends is one of the greatest parts of the work I do.  Helping people take their ideas and make them into something - whether a logo, a designed piece, an invitation, a photograph - is extremely rewarding.

One of my best friends took an adventure with her husband around the same time we moved here to Amsterdam.  She flew past our new home, even further ...  into China! They now call Hong Kong their city.  

As we grew up together, she was someone I always shared the important things with - whether it be art, Marilyn Monroe, old time movies, or as we got older, being independent in big cities working in our fields of passion. She was the first person who talked my mom into letting us go into NYC alone, straight to the International Center of Photography  to see an exhibit, and then "straight home".  

She now works for Huffington Post, putting her amazing thoughts and words out into the world about all sorts of things - still as inspiring as ever! She started her own blog and I was lucky enough to help set up her site and make her logo! With thoughtful reflection, new yorker sarcasm, and a bright eyed look at life, she takes you through every story, every city, most meals, and countless adventures.

Follow her journey, and check out some of the thought that went into giving her the perfect little creative identity :)


Some initial inspiration


logo options

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