As I gear up for #alstampaphotoshoot II,  I have been reflecting a lot on the first shoot I ever did for AL stampa, and realized that I never really wrote about it!

Part of the reason I love what I do is working with other creatives.  For my first shoot, I had big ideas, and big plans, but definitely not enough hands or minds to organize it and produce it.  At that time, in 2014, while my mind was spinning into a messy knot of yarn - balancing work, AL Stampa, and life - it was also a great time when two of my closest friends and I would meet early in the mornings before work at around 7:30 near Union Square.  

The basis of these meetings? To vent mostly... but also to dream - to picture ourselves in our "perfect scenario" and understand that nothing is ever perfect, but to lay the groundwork for growth, positivity and happiness. We still to this day have meetings to push each other, to come to a 'round table' of sorts, and say freely what we are trying to achieve individually, and to see how we can help each other get there.

Co/Storia was born from this.  Three girls. Three cities. Countless stories.  We decided with each of our backgrounds, mine in design, art direction, and illustration, Janice's in photo production, photo licensing, and marketing, and Tracy with her MBA in entrepreneurship, coming from event planning, and high-level management roles... we had something here.  We began a collective of sorts - we are storytellers being our mantra - pulling in whomever we needed to get a project done, and to each be able to shine doing what we loved while still growing as individuals.  

Our first project? AL Stampa Photoshoot I!

We collected, scoured, shopped, styled, sorted, produced, painted, crafted, and photographed - with Jenny Gorman - producing  some amazing imagery for my site and for our first project for our own site!  My goal was to tell the story of each event the wedding invite was for, and that's exactly what we did.. Check out some imagery & a progress time lapse below!

Now gearing up for my second shoot, I will be tackling it alone, but I have a better sense of direction, and I can't wait to share it with my gals, and you all!

Alex Labriola