If not now, when?

When I started AL // STAMPA it was a way for me to express my creativity through making products for myself and other people.  I was in my apartment shared with three of my great friends, and it was totally and completely a way to use my time to reach pure happiness.  

I can easily say today that I am doing this for the same reasons now, as I was then.  I think the most important part of starting something and seeing success come of it is having it come from a completely pure place.  The sincerity and the heart shine through the product that way.

Yes, there are times when I feel anxious, or slow-moving. Yes I beat myself up that I haven't "quit my day job to pursue my dreams full-time" but maybe the capricorn in me has taught me that I don't need to give up anything to get what I want, and the heart and pride I have in hand-making things is all I need to reach success. While I do someday hope to only be working for myself, there is a lot of life to live, and working with talented, hard-working, creative or business driven people is highly valuable and not only pushes me to use every hour in the day wisely, but also lends a hand in developing the boss I will some day be for myself and others.

EntrepreneurAlex Labriola