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Freedom Cups

Location: Worldwide
Full Branding Package
Photography Art Direction



Freedom Cups is an eco-friendly menstrual cup that provides a cup and information to women around the world about menstrual care.

We took Freedom Cups’ old branding and packaging and gave it a completely new look and feel. The client wanted to feel fresh and stand out, without feeling trendy or coming across as an NGO.

We developed the branding package, the packaging of boxes, wipes and soap, the website, illustrated guides, instagram visual guidance, and art direction for their branding photoshoot.

Photography by

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— Vanessa Paranjothy, Owner

Germantown Laundromat

Location: Germantown, New York
Full Branding Package, Tagline + Messaging
In-store Wallpaper



A Laundromat + Sustainable Shop exploring what it looks like to live a cleaner life.

We were lucky enough to work on all the branding, messaging, digital and in-store design for this space. Using our knowledge of hand sign painting, color, wallpaper, and design, it’s a truly unique space that you must visit! #jointhecycle and follow along on the gram, but most importantly visit!

This space it touches people near and far with its mission towards a better, cleaner lifestyle.

Photography by Matthew Johnson
In collaboration with BEST

I worked with Al Stampa again for all of our branding and design needs while launching my business, Germantown Laundromat. I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborative experience! From the logo, brand guidelines, website, social media, signage, and custom wallpaper— I was able to make my dream a reality! I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible talent.
— Tracy Martin, Owner

Karina Noel

Location: New York, NY
Full Branding Package
Photography Art Direction



Karina Noel is a fourth generation jeweler that specializes in high-end custom jewelry.

When Karina came to us with her vision for becoming her own boss full-time we were excited to begin. Her jewelry is breathtaking and beyond her custom pieces, she sources antiques that made us swoon.

We developed her branding package, which included some custom illustrations and her website build-out. We also suggested a photographer we love working with, and gave remote art direction for a two-day shoot they had in Brooklyn, NY.

Photography by Jacquelyne Pierson

Alex is hands-down the best investment I have made in my business. In building my bespoke jewelry company I realized that I was in desperate need of a brand identity and online presence. Not knowing quite where to start, I contacted her for help, and now I have the most gorgeous website and brand that everyone is responding so well to. But that’s not all - Alex made beautiful hand-drawings for my website , designed my stationary, created a system and visual consistency for my social media posts that spoke to my brand so well, and set me up with everything I needed to put my business out into the world with confidence. She was so calm and advising through the entire process.
If you’re looking for a business-minded designer who is organized, professional and warm I can’t think of a better person to recommend than Alex.
— Karina Rousou, Owner