She thinks, draws, reads.
She prepares, makes, and hosts.
She loves to bring people around her dinner table, a record player spinning,
a kitten sleeping, and wine refilling.
She loves the snow, a fire and an old-fashioned.
She imagines her happiest times up in the woods with her mountain of sweaters.
A girl who was always fascinated with old movies, old sounds, and now old machinery. 
She letterpresses furiously, and continues a world of hand -written notes,
hand-printed invitations, and ink-stained hands.


Al Stampa was founded in 2010 by designer and illustrator, Alex Labriola from her Brooklyn apartment.  With a strong background in drawing and painting she soon found printmaking to be her calling through the intricacies of etchings and block printing techniques she learned in her time studying in Italy.  

Her love of letterpress paired with her many years working as an Art Director, lead designer, and illustrator in the world of Interior Design, has led Al Stampa to become a one-stop-shop creative when it comes to condensing your vision to a single piece of paper or computer screen.

Specializing in wedding & custom event invitations, she lives to tell the stories she hears from brides and grooms, small business owners, as well as  her own, through her various product lines (coming soon).


Letterpress is the oldest form of printing. In this method, a surface with raised letters or illustrations, is inked and pressed into the surface of paper, to produce an image.  

All projects involving letterpress are 100% handmade by Al Stampa.  The design, to the mixing of ink, printing, cutting down, and send off is done in-house.  

Unfortunately at this time, since moving to Holland, we cannot fulfill the order and send off, so the suite and/or envelopes will be mailed directly to the client and they will be responsible for stuffing, sealing, stamping and sending off!


Al Stampa is taking an adventure with her kitty Lou and husband to the Netherlands to continue letterpress, and design & collaborate with more clients all over the world.