I was featured on the Union x Bond blog last month and it was such an honor!  I've used that space for a photoshoot I art directed last year for Holland & Sherry Bespoke (you can see that here) and I've been to two weddings there, and what an amazing group of people and what beautiful spaces they have; 501 Union and The Green Building. 

Check out my interview - it's always fun to write about what your days are like for no reason other than to just share! I admire so many artists and small business owners that are so willing to share their every day lives with just about anyone, that it was an honor to be asked to do the same.  I hope it's helpful for anyone out there that's trying to do everything all at once, or has a dream of having their own business some day.

Read blog piece HERE!

Press, EntrepreneurAlex Labriola